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“Sometimes audio is subtle. Sometimes it’s out front and dominant in your project. But either way, quality audio is a must for the success an any project.”

Live audio is “easy” …until it isn’t.


When everything goes right, production rolls without any bumps. When the situation changes or something goes wrong the importance of quality audio is obvious to everyone.

The recipe for “good audio” is the right combination of equipment, skills and preparation. Always invest the necessary time in organization and set-up, shortcuts or wishful thinking don’t get the job done. And it’s not just the technology.

Working with the entire crew and talent to solve problems and get the best possible production is a fundamental part of capturing “good audio”. Helping the people being interviewed feel comfortable about the experience, besides wiring them for sound, also makes the shoot go smoother and the result better.

I’m lucky to have a job that is always interesting. Every day I learn something new. I get to work with some fantastic people on some fascinating projects.

The professional, passionate and caring people add to every experience. I especially enjoy working when there is a “team attitude”, everyone willing to pitch in to do whatever is needed. If (when) something doesn’t go as planned on a project or a shoot, someone will come up with a fix and we’ll get the job done.

When companies, networks, and producers need a quality audio resource, Paul Bladwin’s name is always at the top of the shortlist.

Years of experience combined with the highest quality, state-of-the-art equipment is always brought forth for your needs.

Audio is not an area to skimp on when presenting your company, your group, or your client’s presence.

From simple one-camera corporate interviews to group events to multiple Super Bowls, Paul’s experience has always shined.

He takes into account the small yet all  important factors in designing the answer to a client’s important
audio needs.  

For your project I Provide …

Emmy Award
   Winning Audio

Real Work. Real Results.


Fox News
CBS Sports
60 Minutes
CBS Sunday Morning
20/20 With Barbara Walters


Diversity of projects leads to better experience and long-term success. Whether working for a network, or groups like Zen Video, Vault Productions, Production Services/AZ, Multiple Super Bowls or others, decades serving clients builds a solid reputation.


You know you’re meeting the needs of your high-profile clients when, like CBS, they call year after year. When you get that Super Bowl call – again – to fly across the country to meet the demanding needs of the network and they’re counting on you, it’s rewarding outside the paycheck. Whether a network gig, a production company call, an agency, or corporate client, We’ve been serving for decades.

Adding Value to your production

Why it Matters


Quality audio is a must


Quality equipment is paramount


Dependability is professionalism


Getting it right the first time saves production time and budget

No Pain, No Gain (audio joke)

Real Work.
  Real Results.

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